Intercollegiate Athletics

Fresno State is responsible for ensuring that all Bulldog Athletics stakeholders, including faculty, coaches, student-athletes, prospective student-athletes, and representatives of Fresno State's athletics interests (more commonly referred to as "boosters") are compliant with NCAA and Mountain West rules.

Are You a Booster?

You are considered a representative of athletics interests (booster) if ANY of the following are true:

  • You have ever made a donation to the University or our athletics booster organizations;
  • Member of any organization or agency promoting Fresno State Athletics;
  • You have ever helped arrange/provided employment for an enrolled student-athlete;
  • Participated in varsity athletics or an alumnus at Fresno State
  • You have ever been a season ticket holder in any Fresno State sport; or
  • You have otherwise promoted Fresno State's athletics program in ANY matter.

Note: Once you have obtained BOOSTER status, you retain this identity indefinitely.

Who is a Prospect?

All high school students (7th & 8th grade in Men's Basketball and Softball), 2 year college students, prep school, & 4 year college student-athlete that have received permission to contact.

What You Can Do

  • Provide financial contributions directly to the institution
  • Provide occasional meals with approval from Compliance Services to current student-athletes on campus or at your home
  • Inform coaches of prospects in your area
  • Employ prospects and student-athletes with prior approval of Compliance Services

What You Cannot Do

  • Recruit on behalf of the institution (e.g. contact, evaluate, phone calls, text messages)
  • Contact prospects on social media
  • Provide any tangible benefits to prospects or student-athletes

Consequences for Booster Involvement in NCAA Violations

  • Disassociation from Fresno State Athletics
  • Ineligibility of prospects or current student-athletes
  • Sanctions on Fresno State