Priority Points


What are Priority Points?

The Priority Point System recognizes Bulldog Foundation Members and is used to determine priority for season ticket and parking assignments, away game football tickets, and post-season events including bowl games. Our goal is to equitably recognize support made through the Bulldog Foundation and to reward those who have helped Fresno State student-athletes.

Current Year Support

(5 points per $100)
Scholarship Fund points are based on current year pledge and all non-scholarship points are based on payments received in the 12 months prior to point calculation.

Historical Giving

(2 points per year)
Points are assigned based on consecutive years supporting the Scholarship Fund from current year back to 1992.

Historical Giving

(2 points per $100)
All Bulldog Foundation support from 1992 not included in Current Year category.

Season Tickets Purchased

(5 points per sport)
Current Year purchase in any sport.

Football Suites

Points are awarded for total suite cost less ticket value in the Current Year Support and Historical Giving categories (dating back to 2005).

Former Bulldog Student-Athlete

(50 points)
One-time points for letter winners.

Former Volunteers

(2 points per year)
Point per year of volunteering on BDF Fund Drive.

Important Notes
  • Our records allow us to recognize support from 1992 to present. Member ranking is based on Priority Point total as long as all minimum support requirements for tickets and/or parking are met.
  • Customers must have a current Red Wave ($100) or higher membership in the Scholarship Fund to accumulate points.
  • Priority Points are calculated prior to seating assignments and special events.
  • Priority Points are non-transferable.
  • If a member cancels their current Scholarship Fund pledge they have no points. If they rejoin at a later date they receive all historical points for which they are eligible.