Football Tickets & Parking


Football Tickets

Minimum Per Seat Scholarship Support
  • *New seats assigned in 2020 for sections 9-13 require the following minimum contribution per seat for consideration: 9 and 13 ($250), 10 and 12 ($500), 11 ($1,000).
  • As of January 1, 2019 any part of a Bulldog Scholarship pledge that is required for seating is no longer tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
  • THE AMOUNTS INDICATE THE MINIMUM annual per seat support necessary in each section. Meeting the minimum amount DOES NOT GUARANTEE NEW seating in a particular section. If you are requesting seat changes, additional or new season tickets, seating allocation is based on availability and all requests will be filled in Priority Point order.

Football Parking

Renewing Parking

Red and White lot auto and picnic pass holders must maintain or increase their 2018 Scholarship Fund support to guarantee their same parking for 2019.

Purple lot pass holders must have a minimum of $250 in Scholarship Fund support per pass to maintain their same parking for 2019.

New Parking Requests

For consideration, a minimum Bulldog Scholarship Fund investment must be made:

Season picnic spaces are $600 and include two passes for vehicles to be parked within the space.